About the new, softer paints on your cars & RV’s –

April 13, 2016

Protecting the finish of a car prevents expensive paint jobs. Due to the change in VOC regulations new paints no longer contain lead, which benefits our health and that of our Earth. Lead was used to harden paint to prevent oxidation.
Since the end of lead based paints in 2003, paints are now considered “soft.” Soft paint oxidizes faster so sealants are either added to the paint or applied over paint to protect it from oxidation.
If the sealant is damaged due to the abrasive nature of brushes and microfiber or the deterioration of petroleum distillate based waxes, silicone or heavy cleaning agents like liquid dish soaps, the paint rapidly oxidizes and deteriorates.

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Amazon Alert!

March 28, 2016

Amazon alert


Our products are NOT FOR SALE ON AMAZON or any other website other than this one you are now on: lovebugeraser.com.   Single packs of Love Bug Erasers are  available at certain Ace Hardware Stores – if you do not see them please ask the manager where they are in the store.


People who have purchased the products for sale on Amazon state that they do not come in our package (even though they show our package in their pictures), the holders break, and the pads scratch their vehicles.  THESE ARE NOT OUR PRODUCTS!


We off great products on this website at a fair price.  We make them all here in the USA and guarantee them.

Importance of rinsing before washing

March 14, 2016

It is extremely important to rinse your vehicle with water once, if not twice, before washing it or using any product to remove bugs, road tar, etc.

The purpose of this is to flush away the looser dirt and grime before you use any cleaning product on the surface of your car, motorcycle, or truck.

More on removing tree sap from cars

March 4, 2016

Some readers have told us about products they use.  Some of their comments are:

Turpentine or finger nail polish remover.

There is a product at the hardware store called “goo gone”. Self explanatory.

Try Lestoil. It removes tar, so sap should be a non-issue.

The guy at the GM dealer who details the cars said use alcohol. Then re-wax because the wax has also been removed and the sap will stick more NEXT time.

We have not tried any of these solutions so we do not know if they will work at removing tree sap or not.  Keep in mind that all these products will remove wax along with the sap.  After using them rewax that area.

Removing Tree Sap From a Car

February 24, 2016

There are different ways to remove tree sap from your car.  Some use natural products while others deal with products that will remove the wax protection from your cars’ surface.
It always best to remove sap from your car quickly, while it is still soft. The harder the sap gets the tougher it is to remove and the more likely it is to scratch your car’s finish.
Some of the natural ways are:  1-  Warm rag with a little bit of baking soda. Let it sit on sap then rub off!  Don’t rub hard as the baking soda is abrasive.  2- The best method I’ve found for pine sap removal is crisco or butter.  Let it sit on sap then rub off!

Some early season boat cleaning tips:

May 28, 2012

When cleaning your boat use a good environmentally friendly soap. you’ll want to select a soap that will be tough on dirt, grime, salt and fish blood, yet easy on the environment. Don’t use the same soap you would for cleaning dishes at home. Instead, select an effective, biodegradable cleaning agent with a neutral pH factor. If you use your craft in salt water, it’s especially important to use soap and fresh water to completely remove the corrosive salt build-up that can eat away at your boat. Be aware that certain “super concentrated” detergents may not be suitable for your boat, as these cleansers can strip away and damage finishes. Please consider using our Boat BOSS sponges. They only need soap & water to clean every part of the boat including the bilge and are environmentally friendly. www.bosssponge.com

Difference between polish and wax:

May 20, 2012

5/16/12 – The purpose of a polish is to clean your paintwork and make it shiny again. A polish usually contains abrasives; as you put it on the car it will remove dead paint which has become oxidized. They may also contain lots of solvents which clean your paintwork. Products do contain waxes and oils but generally speaking, these are there for lubrication of the abrasives and not enough to give protection to your car. In fact having polished your car you will have stripped back any protection you may have, so you will need to put a wax on your car.
How often you should polish your car – when the paintwork starts looking dull and tired.
5/20/12 – The purpose of wax products it coat your car, RV, boat, etc. in a protective, sacrificial layer. Wax products contain a blend of waxes and oils. The waxes can be natural waxes and/or synthetic, although there is a trend at the moment for the synthetic based products to be called Sealants. Both types of product get attacked by road salts, UV rays, ozone and other stuff — but while they are bearing the brunt of this punishment, your paintwork doesn’t have to, which is why we call it a sacrificial layer. Waxes and sealants generally last from 1 month to one year, generally speaking most waxes last 3 months, be warned, they don’t always do what they say on the tin. Many waxes will promise that they last 1 year but they seldom last anywhere near that, so it’s best to assume you wax lasts 3 months. The general rule of thumb is that the longer they last, the less shiny they are, and visa versa. Waxes are designed for slightly different purposes, some people like to wax their car every week and want the best shine they can get, other people want to put it on and forget it for a year, they require protection and don’t worry too much about getting a ‘wet look shine’.

What is the difference between wax & polish?

May 13, 2012

Its going to be getting hotter & sunnier soon. Protect your cars’ paint. How? Wax or polish? Most people do not know the difference. A wax contains wax which stays on your car to protect your paintwork, and a polish contains abrasives which removes a tiny amount of dead and oxidized paint. In practice things might not be quite as simple as this because there are many products that can do both at once. And there is also the problem that the marketing guys can call a product anything they want and frequently do!

Why you should rinse 2 X before washing your vehicle

May 6, 2012

The purpose of this is to flush away the looser dirt and grime before you use any cleaning product on the surface of your car, motorcycle, or truck.
Dirt is abrasive! Especially on light plastics such as windscreens on motorcycles and headlight covers. That is why we recommend flushing the surface 2 times with water. The first pre rinse loosens dirt and washes dust and surface grime away. Let the water sit on the surface for a minute or two. The second rinse will cleanse the dirt loosened by the first application of water.
Our BOSS Sponges are an excellent product for washing your car or truck, using only soap and water. No chemicals are needed.