Difference between polish and wax:

5/16/12 – The purpose of a polish is to clean your paintwork and make it shiny again. A polish usually contains abrasives; as you put it on the car it will remove dead paint which has become oxidized. They may also contain lots of solvents which clean your paintwork. Products do contain waxes and oils but generally speaking, these are there for lubrication of the abrasives and not enough to give protection to your car. In fact having polished your car you will have stripped back any protection you may have, so you will need to put a wax on your car.
How often you should polish your car – when the paintwork starts looking dull and tired.
5/20/12 – The purpose of wax products it coat your car, RV, boat, etc. in a protective, sacrificial layer. Wax products contain a blend of waxes and oils. The waxes can be natural waxes and/or synthetic, although there is a trend at the moment for the synthetic based products to be called Sealants. Both types of product get attacked by road salts, UV rays, ozone and other stuff — but while they are bearing the brunt of this punishment, your paintwork doesn’t have to, which is why we call it a sacrificial layer. Waxes and sealants generally last from 1 month to one year, generally speaking most waxes last 3 months, be warned, they don’t always do what they say on the tin. Many waxes will promise that they last 1 year but they seldom last anywhere near that, so it’s best to assume you wax lasts 3 months. The general rule of thumb is that the longer they last, the less shiny they are, and visa versa. Waxes are designed for slightly different purposes, some people like to wax their car every week and want the best shine they can get, other people want to put it on and forget it for a year, they require protection and don’t worry too much about getting a ‘wet look shine’.

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