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BOSS Sponge


The World's Best Sponge for washing your vehicle - Period! Environmentally friendly – only soap & water needed!

BOSS Sponge Cleaning a Car Interior Video
Quick and Easy Bug Removal Video

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Get Adobe Flash player SAFE FOR ALL CAR & TRUCK SURFACES - paint, clearcoat, plastic, metal, glass, etc. Bugs are removed completely. So safe, so effective, you can wash your entire car with the BOSS Sponge! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


The reusable BOSS Sponge safely removes all bugs, even the dreaded Florida "love bugs", with only soap & water - no harmful chemicals needed.

Put the BOSS Sponge to work cleaning your car or truck!

Boss Sponge Cleaning CarThe BOSS Sponge safely removes dirt, grime, bugs, even brake dust and minor road tar, - using only soap & water. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

The only Bug & tar removal pad that works with only soap & water – environmentally friendly!

Great for cleaning brake dust off wheels!

Boss Sponge Cleaning WheelsNo acids or harmful chemicals to ruin your wheels or ruin your health – just use soap & water.

Easy to fold to clean areas between and behind spokes – give your wheels that “deep clean” look.

Wash out the BOSS Sponge with water from the hose – use over and over again!!

BOSS Sponge Packs

BOSS Sponge
One Pack
Price: $7.99
S & H: $3.29

  Boss Single Pack

Buy 2 Sponges
Get 1 Free!

The BOSS Sponge
3 Pack Only $15.98

S & H: $3.29

  BOSS Sponge 3 Pack

BOSS Sponge Kits

Easy Reach - Easy Clean
1 BOSS Sponge 3 Pack
1 Holder for the sponges to attach to any threaded pole

Price: $29.98
S & H: $7.99


Easy Reach - Easy Clean
BOSS Easy Reach

BOSS Sponge Easy Reach - Easy CleanUse the BOSS on the holder to wash high areas of your trailer, boat, RV, motorhome, even the windows of your house!  Attaches to any threaded pole and holds the BOSS Sponge securely even soaking wet.

Clean & Dry Kit
2 BOSS Sponge 3 Packs
1 Interior Cleaning Pad
1 Flat holder – holds 1 BOSS Sponge to any threaded pole – ideal for small areas, under ladders, between windows, etc.
1 Curved Holder - Built in 15 degree concave curve – great for cleaning large areas, curved body panels, windshields. Flattens out easily with slight pressure on pole to apply extra cleaning power to high or hard to get at areas. Holds 2 BOSS Sponges.
1 Silicone blade squeegee – dries flat, curved, and uneven surfaces completely dry in 1 swipe – use by hand or on a pole - pre-drilled to mount on any pole with a threaded end.
1 Clean & Dry Kit bag
Price: $59.98
S & H: $14.00.

  Clean and Dry Kit
Clean and Dry
Extends your reach to both wash and dry the high areas of your trailer, RV, motorhome, boat, or...the house windows! Our silicone blade aqueegee is flexible to conform to auto body contours and curved windshields. It dries completely dry in one swipe. Use the BOSS Sponge or squeegee by hand or mount either to any threaded pole.

Clean and Dry Clean & Dry Kit

Save Time - The BOSS cleans and dries faster than traditional pads or sponges!
Save Effort - The BOSS is easy to use and requires less "elbow grease"!
Save Money - The BOSS is reusable over and over again
Save the Environment - The BOSS requires no harmful chemicals!
Save Surfaces - The BOSS won't harm car finishes and other sensitive surfaces!