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Clean Both Your Painted Surfaces and Non-Skid Decking


Made in America

  • BOSS Formula R® safely cleans “running rust” from your painted surfaces. Just clean it instead of the time and expense of scraping, sanding, & repainting.

Contains no acids or caustics. Will not remove or bleach paint but will remove running rust better than anything you have ever used! Does not leave a “white haze” on the paint.

Aircraft Cleaning
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  • BOSS Formula R® safely cleans non-skid decking, removing dirt, grime, oil, grease, rust, fuel residues, hydraulic fluid, etc., from non-skid decking leaving your deck as clean as the day the decking was applied. Get those white lines looking freshly painted again just by cleaning them!

Deck Wash
Deck Wash

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  1. Economy & Value – concentrated product, dilute 10 or 20 to 1 depending on contaminant to be cleaned. We don’t charge you for water or charge you to ship a product with water in it!
  2. Biodegradable in both soil & water
  3. Use with a foamer – pressure washer – by hand – bucket & brush - or steam cleaner. Safe for separators!
  4. Safe for all painted and unpainted surfaces
  5. One of its active ingredients actually helps preserve unpainted metals from corrosion
  6. 10 year shelf life
  7. Not flammable or explosive.


NSN: 7920-00-490-6046

We manufacture and sell our own pads and we also sell the NIB (AbilityOne) kits

Aircraft Cleaning Kit Includes Two 6 x 12 x 3/8 Inch White Cleaning Pads, Two 6 x 12 x 1 Inch Polyester Polishing Pads, & Concave Swivel Type Applicator Head Designed For Scrubbing Aircraft Exteriors

The pads in the kit from NIB (Ability One) are abrasive, as stated by 3M itself (See MSDS). Corrosion may start this way as you are scraping the protective coating and paint as you are washing ***3M MSDS***

Aircraft Cleaning

NSN: 7920-01-506-0342

Kit contains 10 B.O.S.S. Aircraft Cleaning Pads, 6” X 9 ½” and 1 Flat Swivel Type Applicator Head Designed For Scrubbing Aircraft Exteriors and 2 Multi Purpose Hand Pads for interior or exterior use.

Non-abrasive to any surface. Ideal for cleaning painted surfaces, this non-abrasive B.O.S.S. Aircraft Cleaning Pad enhances friction to loosen dirt but does not scratch or alter the gloss level of the surface or surface coatings. May be used with a variety of cleaners while safely cleaning painted or unpainted aircraft surfaces, acrylics and polycarbonate. Tested with aircraft cleaning agents complaint with MIL-PRF 86937D and MIL-PRF 885570C. Color: Light Green. Pad size 6” X 9 ½”

  • Highly efficient non-abrasive pad for cleaning painted or unpainted surfaces
  • Will not scratch or alter gloss levels on coated surfaces
  • Works well with commercial aircraft cleaners
  • Attaches easily to BOSS pad holders


Extremely effective at cleaning yet non abrasive to your paint!
Reusable over & over again



  1. Value – 10 pads in kit instead of 4 with NIB Kits
  2. NON-ABRASIVE – The only pad sold that contains no abrasives. Sold for 9 years by Ace Hardware under the name “Love Bug Eraser” to clean cars with, because they are safe & effective.
  3. Superior Cleaning – No other pad cleans better or more effectively
  4. GUARANTEED – The best pad you have ever used or your money back
  5. Deluxe Kits contain our patented Flap Well Cleaning Wands for reaching those “hard to get at” areas such as behind pipes and wiring



Our patented, reusable, 12 inch wands let you easily reach & clean “hard to get to” areas such as under pipes and wiring, etc. They are safe for any surface, and work with any cleaning products.

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15004 - Formula R
Case of 4- 1 gal
NSN: 7930-01-518-7503
15005 - Formula R
5-gal. pail
NSN: 7930-01-515-1071
15055 - Formula R
55 gal. drum
NSN: 7930-01-518-7504


11080 - Ability One Kit
NSN: 7920-00-490-6046

(contains 1 holder & 2-1 in. thick pads & 2 – 3/8 in. thick pads and 1 swivel holder) 15001
11070 - B.O.S.S. Aircraft Cleaning Kit
NSN: 7920-01-506-0342

(contains 10 BOSS Aircraft Cleaning Pads, 2 Multi-purpose hand pads, and 1 swivel holder)

**Since these kits are not sold by Ability One and they are not identical items to anything sold by Ability One, the JWOD restrictions do not apply to your purchase of these kits!

11075 – BOSS Deluxe Aircraft Cleaning Kit

(contains 10 BOSS Aircraft Cleaning Pads, 2 Multi-purpose hand pads, 4 patented Flap Well Cleaning Wands, and 1 swivel holder) 15001
63006 - Box of 6 Aircraft
Flap Well Cleaning Wands


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